Dear Wine Lovers,  There are some very common wines here on this list…make sure that you are not drinking them!

It is not widely reported how many chemicals are involved in wine-making.  Basically, if a chemical is sprayed on the plant or put into the ground, there will be chemical residue that remains both in the wine and in the vineyard.  Let’s not forget all of the chemicals that leave the winery as waste water that is then dumped back onto our lands and into our waterways.


This chemical problem is especially prevalent in regions such as Charlottesville due to the fact that the terroir here is not truly appropriate for vineyards (too much rain, the clay soil, the resultant mold/mildew issues etc.).

This is simply one more beneficial reason for drinking biodynamic, natural wines!  Luckily, here in Cville, we do have options of purchasing these healthier wines – they are cleaner wines that are both earth-friendly and better for you physically.

Click below to see how biodynamic wineries deal with pests in the vineyards….they let the ducks loose!

To find these biodynamic/natural wines locally, ask for “William’s Corner Wines”  when shopping.  As always, the best way to move the market in a better direction is through your buying power!

Read more about the wines that failed the arsenic test here:

Finally, feel free to contact us about our “best picks” in biodynamic wines and about having us lead a wine tasting party for you. 


Drink healthfully!

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