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Face-to-Face and Online Classes
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Our Difference

Learning at Your Level

We can help with:

  • Class for children & adults
  • Beginning through advanced levels
  • Business & travel language

Active Learning

Language learning is active.  You will be speaking and using language in meaningful exchanges from your first language lesson.

Online or In Person

We offer both face-to-face language classes and online Skype lessons – all personalized language lessons crafted for you.


Our Course Offerings

For Individuals

We offer individual lessons either via Skype or in person. 

For Kids

Language learning can be fun! Our children’s classes incorporate games, songs and fun activities.

Group Lessons

Group learning can be a lot of fun.  Contact us about our group classes.

Languages Offered


Salut!  Comment allez-vous?    We offer French lessons to adults and children.


Hola! Como estas?  We offer Spanish lessons and tutoring to both adults and children.


Jambo! We also teach Swahili!. If you want to learn, let us know.


We have more than 20 years of experience teaching English to children and adults in general and specialized English.

Accent Reduction

Do you want to improve your enunciation and diminish your accent? We have the experience and the practical hands on exercises for you to make those changes.

What Our Students Say

Clients love our services because sharing language & culture is our passion!

I reached out to Kimber for French lessons before moving to Paris for three months a few years ago. I am so happy that I did! Kimber was practical, funny, engaging and confidence inspiring... Kimber helped me to access and to use what I knew. We practiced the “real life” situations that I would encounter. Kimber explained cultural differences and gave me context

Sonjia Smith

French Student

The Food/Wine/Culture class is a must-do! ... The setting and atmosphere were both relaxed and beautiful, and I learned so much about ... wine-making practices... Every single food dish and every glass of wine that I sampled was delightful and tasty....  I highly recommend participation in this class!!!

Ashley Ayers

Food & Wine Student

Most people are able to take their time while learning a language.  I, however, needed last-minute survival Spanish lessons as I only had a few weeks before leaving for Ecuador. With Kimber's fabulous teaching methods and resources, she guided me through foundation concepts and changed my pronunciation for the better.

Timothy Hoang

Spanish Student

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