Language learning is active – Speak it! Think it!  Live it!

You will be speaking and using language in meaningful exchanges from your first language lesson.  We can help you with:

Language Lessons   ♦  Immersion Classes  ♦  Academic Support  ♦  Interpreting/Translating  ♦  Editing and Writing

We understand your needs, and we know how to boost your learning.

 Face-to-face language classes and online Skype lessons – all personalized language lessons crafted for you.  


Salut!  Comment allez-vous?    We offer French lessons to adults and children.


Hola! Como estas?  We offer Spanish lessons and tutoring to both adults and children.


More than 20 years of experience teaching English to children and adults in general and specialized English.


Jambo! We also teach Swahili!. If you want to learn, let us know.

Accent Reduction

Do you want to improve your enunciation and diminish your accent? We have the experience and the practical hands on exercises for you to make those changes.  Contact us today to set up your program!